Perfiit 1-2-1 training

Class Structure
Perfiit 1-2-1 training is tailored towards your wants and needs. Using tried and tested training modalities that not only sculpt, but help to improve how you move and feel within yourself. Encapsulating our philosophy of whilst others zig, zag, you will be working towards a more structurally integral and aesthetic you

Perfect for those who need a little extra motivation. You’ll receive a fully personalized workout and dietary program that we’ll monitor together.

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Perfiit Group class

Perfiit group class is based upon high intensity circuit training principles. Focused on full body movements that will increase strength, endurance and overall fitness levels. The short rest intervals coupled with compound movements will elevate the heart rate resulting in a lot of sweat and fat loss.

• 45 minutes class
• New training concepts every week
• Warm up, main workout and cool down
• Suitable for all abilities

Perfiit Corporate Training

Perfiit corporate training was created on the premise that a fit and healthy team is a happy one. At Perfiit we believe that fitness and training should be an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle. Hence we made provisions for your staff and colleagues to benefit from our unique training methodologies

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